Ty Beanie Babies A History

Beanie Babies A Brief History

Beanie Babies are a line of Stuffed Animals , made by Ty Warner Inc. which was later renamed as Ty Inc.
In November 1991. Each toy is stuffed with plastic pellets (or "beans") rather than conventional stuffing (see PVC and PE), giving Beanie Babies a flexible feel.
In a rare interview the publicity-averse Warner said "The whole idea was it looked real because it moved”.

Since Appearing in 1993, Beanie Babies have been capturing the attention of young and old alike for more than a decade.
The 1993 Gatlinburg Gift Show gave the first hint that something new and grand had been born.
A who would one day group of floppy and loveable critters who would one day become known as the original nine were presented by H. Ty Warner.
With endearing names like Sqealer, Legs, Brownie,(later renamed Cubbie), Flash, Splash, Patti, Chocolate, Spot and Pinchers, Warner's first Beanie Babies.

In 1994 the Beanie Babies craze really tarter to take off and parents stop cut tags off.
Also different this year was the introduction of a new version of the Beanie Baby hang tag.
Instead of a single sided two sided tag, this new generation was folded like a book.

1995 Brought Beanie Babies to a much larger area of the nation but still within the speciality gift retail market.
Collectors scrambled to be the first in line at their favourite stores on they thought a shipment might arrive.

1997 Brought the retirement of four of the original nine (the last if the nine would retired the following year).
The New year saw many firsts for Ty particularly in the area of cooperative promotions.
A partnership with McDonald's to introduced Teenie Beanie Babies as a Happy Meal Toy.

Ty continued its success as it welcome 1998 A second partnership with McDonald's was met with more excitement and enthusiasm than the previous years promotion.
Ty Launched the BBOC, a collector's club for Beanie enthusiasts.

Ty began an expansion into the international arena in 1999 with the introduction of Germania a Beanie Baby created for and sold exclusively in Germany.

Ty, Inc. stopped producing the product in December 1999, but consumer demand led them to reconsider.
Production restarted in 2000 with a Beanie Baby named "The Beginning."

The New Millennium brought with it renewed dedication to the future of Beanies, a unique line for Ty, and new pieces for the international marketplace.
Voters made themselves heard and Ty agreed to continue making the popular plush creatures.
Early in the year, Ty introduced Beanie Kids, a very different spin on the plush makers line.
Beanie Kids look like children, complete with dimples and clothes!
Japan welcomed its first exclusive introduction, Sakura, and German Collectors were thrilled to fine a large version of their beloved Germania as a Beanie Buddy.

2001 The 15th Anniversary of Ty inc. was all about reaching out.
The year began with announcement that Ty would be holding a contest through which its fan could chose the design of a future Beanie Baby.
The People's Beanie drew huge numbers and resulted in Classy.

2002 Ty was gearing up for a very busy year, with the world cup soccer matches approaching.
Ty unveiled Champion a Beanie Bear and Buddy Duo each having the flag of a participating country on its nose.
July brought three more exciting additions, Pluffies, softer than soft and kid friendly and Tennie Beanie Boppers Smaller versions of Beanie Boppers.

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