Pop Pop Boat Instructions

Pop Pop Boats

Pop Pop boats are crafted in tin plated steel and use the same principle as steam powered toys of the late 1800's.
The candle heats a boiler, thereby generating steam which rushes out of the rear tubes, propelling the boat forward.
They can be sailed in bowl, bath or even the garden pond.


How to start the boat.
1. Using the plastic dropper (as supplied with new boats) squirt water into the boat's exhaust pipes until it over flows.
This is the only way water can enter the boiler.
Damage is likely to occur if you apply heat when the boiler is empty.
If you don't have a dropper water can be poured from a jug into one of the exhaust pipes until water flows from the other.
2. Carefully place the boat into the water ( basin or bowl etc.) making sure you keep water in the boiler.
3. Place candle onto holder and light the wick.
4. Gently place the candle holder onto the runner in the bottom of the boat under the boiler.
The ideal position of the flame is centrally under the boiler and not directly below the two small pipes leaving the boiler
5. The water in the boiler will now be heated by the candle turning it into steam.
The steam will expand causing a popping sound (which is how the boat got the name pop pop).
The steam will then be forced out of the exhaust pipes propelling the boat forward.
6. Once steam has left the boiler a vacuum is created, sucking fresh water back into the boiler and the process starts all over again.

Trouble Shooting.
Most problems with pop pop boats is lack of water in the boiler, improper heating of the boiler or a clogged water tube.
Using straw or dropper, flush water through the pipes and place boat in a tub of water letting any water out of the tubes.
The fuel cells (candles) can take up to a minute before the candle generates enough heat to get the boat moving.

After Care As well as selling new we also sell older Pop Pop boat which still steam like new.
Looking after your boat will ensure you have years of fun and eventually be able to pass them on to you children / grandchildren to enjoy and collect.
1)After using the boat flush out the boiler with clean, cold water to reduce the risk of the boiler overheating when removed from the sailing area.
2) Wipe of any excess water and carefully remove the candle wax deposits from the boat.
3) A small shot of light lubricating oil ( WD40) into the pipes will prevent rusting.
4) Gently clean boiler with damp cloth to remove any soot deposits.
5) Lightly rub the outside of the boat with small amount lubricating oil on soft cloth to prevent rust forming.
6) Store in dry place.

Please note that POP POP Boats are not really a toy, but replica model steam boats and should be operated exclusively by an Adult or under strict adult supervision.
They use an open flame and can contain sharp edges.

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